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What Is Your Family Origin?


So many of us don't know the answer to that question.

Are you Scandinavian? European? Maybe Czechoslovakian?  You would be surprised where the path can lead when you begin having your heritage traced. Oh sure, a lot of folks know where the generation before them came from, or maybe even the generation before that, but what about before them?  

It's not easy work to trace it.

It takes time, skill and a pool of various resources that aren't well known to everybody.  That's why you need your own Relative Guru on the job. 

Every Scenario Is Different

Relative Guru has been gaining experience in the art of genealogy for more than 30 years...even before there were computers and databases, let alone do-it-yourself sites like ancestry.com or 23andme.com.

A lot of preliminary info can be gained within just a couple of hours of research, which is why we only charge a 2-hour minimum of our standard hourly rate.  Then, if more info is desired, we can continue until we believe all avenues of information have been exhausted.  By doing it this way, you are only going to pay for what you want and/or need with no continual membership fees once you determine the project is done.