Welcome to the first step of an amazing journey

Meet The Guru - Stephanie Mulvey

Stephanie grew up in Hillsboro, OR is the youngest of 6 children born to Robert and Phyllis Lewis. Her interest in tracing ancestry actually began several decades ago with her father.  He spent countless hours researching his and Phyllis's side of the family so he could preserve all of that information for Stephanie and her siblings. When he passed, they were each given a CD with the fruits of his labor.

As an adult, Stephanie eventually married Bill Mulvey and as a result of his line of work, had the opportunity to live in many parts of the country, some of which she knew were not terribly far from places that turned up in her dad's research.  Keep in mind, Robert was doing this in the 80's and early 90's, long before we all had a personal computer with internet connection sitting in our homes as common now as a toaster was back then. It was a lot work for him, but Stephanie knew there was more to learn.

She would travel to nearby towns when she lived in Virginia and Texas to see if she could improve upon the discoveries her dad had already made.  And a lot of times, she did!  She visited old graveyards, courthouses and other places of historical record, soaking up all the information she could. She also made use of online resources that had not been available to her father. 

Stephanie and Bill had a son, Liam, and that, in part, also motivated Stephanie to begin researching Bill's side of the family.  Armed with the scant info Bill's parents could provide - which was only their parents' names, dates of birth and death dates - she sat out to organize a family tree for Liam that's as far-reaching as she can make it. So far, she has been able to trace Bill's ancestry back as far as the very first family member to come over from Ireland. 

What began as a hobby became a passion, And now the passion has become a service she can provide  to you. She's happy to be able to share the excitement of discovery with others.